Sum 41 - Order In Decline | Album Review

Sum 41 Order In Decline Album Cover

This is the 7th studio album from the b and and their follow up to 2016 "13 Voices"
Deryck Whibley;
"The last thing I wanted to do was write a social or political protest record, and Order In Decline is not that. It’s also very hard not to have feelings about everything that’s going on in the world."

Now, i've never been a huge fan of the Punk/Pop bands (having said that I did enjoy a lot of Green Day back in the day) but of them all, I would say that Sum 41 were the band I enjoyed the most.

Check out my video review of the album here -

Turning Away
Starts out with a piano led intro, and I initially found this song to be a little underwhelming but things pick up nicely by the time we hit the first chorus.
I assume the lyrics are either dealing with a recent break up or
"I'm turning away
Because I feel like I can't go on, while we’re living in this lie
And when all of my faith is gone, I don’t even want to try
There's nothing that you could say, that could ever change my mind
And will all of these steps I take, it’s giving me back my life"

There is a solid guitar solo thrown in as well.
Not bad!

Out For Blood
Things get much heavier with this song (the first single to be released) with some great metal infused punk riffage. The main riff reminded me of "Vanilla Radio" from the Wildhearts.
"All that we have is just slipping away
And I don't believe that it's gonna be okay
You can't stop the bleeding, it's almost too late
You're leaving us all behind with hell to pay"

Yet again, there is a pretty impressive guitar solo and this is definitely a song that I could see going down great live.

The New Sensation
There was a touch of Muse to this one I found (which I have no issue with) and more than a hint of Green Day's "Holiday"
Definitely a political slant to this one me thinks.
"The days get stranger, the pain gets greater
It's the human nature, or am I insane?
The confrontation, across this nation
The new sensation, tell me who's to blame!"

Not a bad song but one that kind of just went by

A Death in the Family
Another one with heavier, fatter sounding guitars. A great energy to this song with more of the metal thrown in as well as some more melodic moments.
"You better pray for your commiseration
You're almost out of time
(Just a warning)
Your fate is left to a different generation
You know they won't be kind"

I enjoyed this one a lot. I haven't listened to the band at all for years and it is pleasing to see how they have mature as songwriters.
Another great solo as well.

Heads Will Roll
There was a real bounce and swagger to this song that reminded me a little of The Beatles "Come Together"
Deryck informs us!
"But now you don't want to make me lose my shit ’cause heads will roll"
I'll bare that in mind mate
An ok song

45 (A Matter of Time)
A very cool metal sounding riff opens this one before going into more of the familiar territory
and i've got a feeling this may be another political one
"I believe that I
Am losing faith in all of humankind
But then I realize it's plain to see
That a number is all you are to me"

The number 45 referring of course to Donald Trump being the 45th President.
Great politicised song with great energy.

Never There
The ballad of the album and a very personal song which Deryck Whibley has stated that the song is about his father who he has never met.
“I never wanted to write this song, it just kind of poured out of me. I tried to fight it at first but there was no stopping it.
"I don’t need you by my side I think by now I’m doin' fine
Myself, on my own
And I feel you time to time, like you're sending outta sign
I can tell you're not alone"

A very heartfelt song with Deryck being completely honest and wearing his heart on his sleeve. I'm always a sucker for these kind of songs.

Eat You Alive
Opens with a guitar tone that wouldn't be out of place on a doom metal album and goes into a metal riff that bought to mind Mastodon's "Iron Tusk" (though not as heavy to be fair)
"You always gotta pray for the pessimist
And these days seem the strangest existence
Now make way and obey all the best of us
Before they just eat you alive"

I really enjoyed the guitars n this one

The People VS...
More of a speed metal vibe to this tune. Add to that some old school punk and lyrics about the Trumpster and we have ourselves a rocking tune.
"I know a bad man when i see his face
And now we suffer as the human race
He is the bad man, but i've got faith
To end this misery
He's got to go
All i know this is no life for me"

I really enjoyed this one.

Catching Fire
A much more atmospheric end to the album and I was reminded of Richard Curtis era Joy Division.
According to an interview I read, Deryck said that he wrote this song after Anthony Bourdain had taken his own life. This bought to mind Chester Bennington and Cris Cornell. At the time of writing the song, his wife was out of town and he "It’s about how I couldn’t even imagine what I would do if I lost my wife."
"But now I'm here alone
Without you by my side
If only I had known
That you kept it all inside
Now I'm trying to understand
Just trying to find a way
But forgive you I just can't
It's all just to much for me to take"

A very good representation of what a good songwriter/lyricist Deryck is.

I enjoyed this album far more than I was expecting and while some of the songs passed me by I did find there was a lot to enjoy.
It is also worth mentioning that the deluxe version of the album comes with 2 bonus tracks though they are acoustic versions of "Heads Will Roll" and "Catching Fire"