The Wildhearts Renaissance Men Album Review

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This is the first album from The Wildhearts in 10 years and, I for one, am very exited to be reviewing it. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was a very important band for me back in the day, and I've kept up to speed with everything Ginger has done since.

This features the 4 members that many consider to be the "Classic" lineup of the band

Ginger Wildheart - Guitar/Vocals
CJ Wildheart - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ritch Battersby - Drums
Danny McCormack - Bass/Backing Vocals

I have already done a stand alone video review for this (and a fantastic one it is) so make sure that you check that one out here -

Let ‘Em Go
A classic Wildhearts sound on this one. That perfect melding of Pop, Punk and Metallic fury! This one reminds me a lot of "Caffeine Bomb" with a hint of "Suckerpunch" as well as elements of the fantastic "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed" album (a highly under appreciated album in my opinion)

"Let 'Em Go, Let 'Em Go,
Let the shit filled river's flow,
When your belly burns in anger,
No-one ever needs to know,
Let 'Em Go, Let 'Em Go,
Let the wanker's find their own,
If their not there to share your troubles,
You'll be better off on your own"

One of the things i love so much about this band is how their songs just ingrain themselves in your brain immediately. They remind me of System Of A Down in that sense.
Fantastic slab o' Wildhearts!

The Renaissance Men
Things go off in a more pop direction on this one but no less glorious (or rock and roll)

"Back in your face again,
We’re the Renaissance Men,
Like the DC10 band the Renaissance Men,
We're gonna make you sing if anyone can,
We'll rock you like a boomerang"

I'm not sure how much boomerang's rock but I'll take Ginger's word for it.They never fail to put in that huge and catchy chorus.

Fine Art of Deception
Some heavy down picked Ramones style chugging in this one that reminded me a little fo "TV Tan"

"If i'm pissing up and down your hall,
And if I’m casting shadows on your wall,
Don't let my proximity mean what it may imply,
I'm just working on a way to say goodbye"

We get a great section of Bullshit (just listen to the song) and a great little solo (CJ I presume?)

This one has a real AC/DC style riff in it that woks great.
The lyrics deal with mental illness which is something that Ginger is particularly vocal about spreading awareness of and rightly so.

"You are not you're diagnosis,
Your'e not the prescription in your hand,
You are not you're diagnosis,
Simplify for them to understand,
You're not an Animal!,
I am a human being"

Not many bands can make something this dark and serious sound so damn catchy. It's probably why they never got a big as they should have. They aren't afraid to write about the dark side of life.
Great song!

My Kinda Movie
Some huge riffs in this one (Sounds like an amped up version of Guns n' Roses)

"If this was on video I'd get my money back,
Hire this on VHS and spend the rest on crack"

Pure metallic/pop/punk bliss

Little Flower
This one comes across like an early Beatles composition through a punk rock filter (It's actually a song written by CJ)

"Run together hand in hand,
You fell into my world like a perfect plan,
My Little Flower,
Your'e lighting up the night"

The bridge section goes into much heavier territory before returning to the Beatlesesque chorus.
Something i haven't yet mentioned is the band's ability to go through change ups in tempo, style and genre (isn't that the same thing) in the space of one song.

Emergency (Fentanyl Babylon)
Another furious meld of punk and pop and this time the subject matter is on the dependence toward prescription drugs, or more specifically how doctor's so readily put people on medication rather than dealing with the real reasons that so many people are messed up. Money seems to be all that matters.
Apparently this was written after Prince died of the drug Fentanyl.

"Propranolol killed Michael Jackson,
and Fentanyl has a reliable reaction,
The medical profession is a crime that pays"

Great riffs, thought provoking and catchy as all hell

My Side Of The Bed
The intro on this had a bizarre feel that wouldn't have been out of place on the amazing P.H.U.Q. album and there were parts of the song that definitely reminded me more of Ginger's later solo work (which is excellent) and lyrically this deals with the sway toward right leaning thinking in the populace today.

"Well, I never met a racist growing up with me mates,
Cos' the blacks were always tougher than nails,
I did see them later when I moved away,
I saw a phobia of the readers of the Daily Mail"

But Ginger has a solution to the problem, Self Improvement!
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Pilo Erection
Another one that i felt had some similarities to the P.H.U.Q. era. This one (despite its rather blue sounding title) is actually about being excited by the better things in life. Those things that inspire, excite and give you energy. Something that we all need more. It can also apply to people and friendships, etc..

"Don't be scared of me,
Just be there for me,
I'm aware I need,
Somewhere to share my energy"

Great close to the album!

It may have been 10 years since the last album but it feels as though they have never been away. A fine set of songs that any Wildhearts fan will cherish just as much as the classics.
If you are new to this band then remedy that immediately. They are one of our finest bands and Ginger is a true National Treasure.
Play it loud and proud and let everyone know the glory that is The Wildhearts!

If you would like to check out my video review for the album, here it is -