Rammstein Radio Single Review

Rammstein Radio Cover.jpg

This is the 2nd single to be released for the bands upcoming album (to be released May 17th full review on this channel) following there controversial "Deutschland" single.

The debut of the video was screened on a wall in Berlin and seemed to be a call back to the bands roots of starting there 25 years ago.

The video itself is in Black and White with the band performing in suits in a theatre. There is a 1920's style to the dress and interspersed with the band's performance are images of military police (perhaps referring to the SS) marching toward the theatre that the band are in.

A lot of the images of the city's citizens are of women. Mothers, nun's, factory workers and house wives all enraptured by the radio and they get more and more uninhibited as the song progresses. This will be reflected in the lyrics.

The video ends with the military police raiding the theatre and as they swing their billy clubs, they go right through the person, the band appear to be holograms.
Even the authority figures are joining in with the frivolity by the end

Lyrically, i assume, that this song is dealing with the oppressive regime the band grew up in where there was a divide between East and West. A lot of music at the times was “forbidden”.

"We were not allowed to belong
See, talk or hear nothing
But every night for an hour or two
Am I gone from this world
Every night a bit happy
My ear very close to the world receiver"

The "World receiver" mentioned in the song (this may be the wrong translation but it was on Genius.com and we'll go with that for now) is a reference to being able to hear music from all over the world.
This exposure to outside music and culture obviously had a profound effect on the band and their fellow countrymen (and women)

"Radio, my radio
I let myself suck into the ether
My ears become eyes
Radio, my radio
So I hear what I do not see
Silence secretly wanderlust"

Musically speaking it reminds me very much of something that could have appeared on the "Reise, Reise" album. There is a electronic component (from Flake of course) that peppers the song and a hugely enjoyable (and chugalicious) riff that is catchy as hell.
I really enjoyed the bridge section that went a little slower/dirgier and the inclusion of the operatic style keyboards that really built the dynamics of the song.
Till sounds incredible as always.

"Every night I secretly climbed
On the back of the music
Put the ears to the wings
Sing quietly into the hands
Every night and again I fly
Just away with the music
Float through bright rooms
No borders, no fences"

I wasn't taken with the song initially but on repeated listens this one has really gotten into my head and i love it.

I cannot wait for this album. It has been 10 years since "Liebe ist für alle da" and the anticipation for May 17th is getting beyond a joke for me. A full review of that album will be up on this site as soon as the album is released.

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